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Continuous Improvement Culture

Quality is more than simply compliance to specifications and regulations. When done right, Quality is aligned with business strategy and inspires continuous improvement culture. Quality is built-in with company-wide process excellence. Businesses invest heavily in talented people and robust processes. One Tower helps companies accelerate continuous improvement at all levels to build and sustain global excellencequality aligned with business strategy. Strategic improvement projects are launched and acceleratedemployees at all levels are engaged in pushing the “improvement flywheel” to solve problems, optimize processes and capture new opportunities.

To inspire a continuous improvement culture in an organization, the mindset and tools for improvement must be accessible, easily understood and frequently used at all levels. Momentum Improvement Portfolio Value readily enables strategic project selection to identify and approve those improvement projects that optimize value and make best use of limited resources. Improvement projects are accelerated using the Momentum 4-Step Solutionan intuitive approach to completing small incremental improvements, large breakthrough improvements and new opportunities. Momentum 4-Step Solution is fully compliant with ISO 9001, Lean, Six Sigma DMAIC, PDCA, AS9100, ISO/TS 16949, FDA GxP, ISO 13485 and PMI PMBOK industry standards. Most importantly, improvements are sustained to assure ongoing excellence even as business environments change.

Create More Improvement Leaders⏤build & sustain momentum at all levels

The 4-Step Solution uses intuitive terminologypromoting better understanding at all levels with less reliance upon training. Continuous improvement skills and effort should not solely be relegated to the select few highly skilled problem-solving experts within an organizationbut should be accessible, understood and frequently used by process owners at all levels. Wider participation in continuous improvement at all levels leverages collective knowledge and creates more leaders that contribute and build upon the momentum of continuous improvement.


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One Tower Momentum software is built upon the Microsoft 365 cloud technology platform.


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