Improvement Portfolio Value the right projects to optimize value

Improvement projects can include small incremental improvements, large breakthrough improvements and new opportunities. Existing enterprise reporting data and KPI thresholds are utilized to identify, define and measure proposed improvement projects. Momentum Improvement Portfolio readily enables strategic project selection to identify and approve those improvement projects that optimize value and make best use of limited resources. The financial value and risk rating of a proposed project are captured with Momentum Financial Viability Assessment and Risk Assessment tools to instantly compare the value of a proposed project relative to the current project portfolio...enabling strategic project selection aligned with leadership business strategy...globally 24x7.


Strategic Project Selection...aligned with KPIs


Project vs. Portfolio

​The financial value and risk rating of a proposed project is ranked relative to the current improvement portfolio. When selecting a project, risk rating should be considered in conjunction with financial value.

  • How does the value of this proposed project compare to other projects in the portfolio?


Improvement Portfolio | Optimize Value

  • Results

    • Select projects based upon financial values and risk ratings that optimize improvement portfolio value and make best use of limited resources.

    • Guide strategic project selection aligned with leadership business strategy...globally 24x7.

  • What color is your improvement portfolio?

    • Financial viability assessment reveals how the current improvement portfolio aligns with leadership financial strategy. A green "Good" portfolio is aligned with high value. A yellow/red "Moderate/Poor" portfolio is not aligned...consider discontinuing low value projects and allocating resources to projects that deliver greater value.


Recognition Program


...I appreciate you


Achievement of improvement excellence deserves recognition. Even highly successful projects can be easily forgotten if they are not systematically tracked and documented in a readily accessible and visible improvement portfolio. For this reason, portfolio visibility provides employees with an incentive to participate in continuous improvement projects...every project is tracked...annual reviews are made easier by knowing "how did I improve the organization this year?" … as you complete each project, it is fully documented to provide evidence of excellence!


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